Which eyewash or safety shower model is suitable for your environment?

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Important information about safety showers

  • Safety showers must be accessible within a few seconds
  • The way to the safety showers must not be blocked
  • Depending on the size of the room, there may be need for more than one shower station
  • Pull rod accessible for laying/crawling person

Eyewashes and safety showers must be close to possible hazards

It is of utmost importance that the safety shower is placed in close reach of the work place. One should have the possibility to release the shower within just a few seconds. Therefore it is also important that nothing is blocking the way. The device should be placed in such a way that the injured easily and rapidly can reach it without help.

On work places where a device with sufficient flow cannot be installed close enough, a portable eye shower can be used as a complement. This will enable the injured to proceed to a shower which allows a longer rinsing time.

Safety showers should be placed easily accessible, for example along an emergency exit. Sometimes it has to be taken into consideration that there may be risks for fire and/or gas hazards. Also more than one safety shower might be needed in view of the number of people involved and the size of the room. For a person laying on the floor, the shower shall be equipped with pull rods of which one must be reached from floor level.


Installation steps

1. Correct location of a safety shower

2. Amount of water in a safety shower

3. Tempered water

4. Safety at pressure fall in the water supply

5. Reduced pressure

6. Adapt material in the shower to the right environment

7. Valve

Krusman semi portable tank shower

Semi portable tank shower incorporated with an insulated tank. In case of water supply stops, the 1700 liter tank guarantees a flow of tempered water for up to 15 min. The tank showers are fitted with a Ex chiller to prevent extreme water temperatures in hot climates. The picture show model 7041 Ex.

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