Krusman Emergency Showers are ISO-certified according to ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-14001:2015.

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Quality and environment

Krusman Nödduschar AB is certified according to Quality standard ISO 9001 and Environmental standard ISO 14001

Quality is about doing the right thing from the beginning. We understand what the result could be should if an accident occur. For more than 40 years we have seen it as our responsibility to deliver eye and safety showers to the highest quality standards on the market.

Continuous improvement is a key word in a quality system and is well suited for our activities. The various demands from our customers help us to always strive for improvements through new developments of products and systems. To us quality can be measured in terms of faultless products, few complaints and a good delivery service.

Operations policy (Quality and environment)

Krusman Nödduschar AB in Västerås, with over 40 years of experience in the field, is one of the leading manufacturers in Scandinavia for eye washes, safety showers, showers for outdoor use, combination showers and insulated shower booths. Our products are designed in accordance with existing quality standards. We pass on knowledge about risk actions, laws and demands on eye washes and safety showers and we form routines to save lives.

We have the ambition to minimize our environmental impact as well in our production as in our daily work. We shall follow existing laws, general demands as well as demands set by the trade.

This is done through:
  • Creating security in environments with risk potential through our solutions and in-house manufacture
  • Products and solutions which meet relevant demands and needs.
  • Production ruled by international standards.
  • Using only small amounts of environmental hazardous substances in our operations.
  • Working towards the use of energy efficient equipment and machines in our production.

Continuously improving our quality and environmental efforts as well as our work methods.


Installation steps

1. Correct location of a safety shower

2. Amount of water in a safety shower

3. Tempered water

4. Safety at pressure fall in the water supply

5. Reduced pressure

6. Adapt material in the shower to the right environment

7. Valve

Krusman safety tank shower

Emergency shower system incorporated with a insulated tank. In case of water supply stops, the tank guarantees a flow of tempered water for up to 15 min. Krusman Emergency Showers manufacture emergency tank showers fitted with a cooler to prevent extreme water temperatures in hot climates.

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