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Insulated booth with safety station 6005

Emergency booth 6005 has insulated walls, ceiling and floor made of 40 mm insulated panels with finishes of painted sheet steel.The
booth has mounted fluorescent (strip) lighting in the ceiling. The lightning is suitable for sanitary areas.

Safety station 3874, inside the booth is manufactured in galvanized pipes and a shower head in stainless steel. Including ball valve, with non-returning spring, operated by a pull handle and a pull rod for a crawling person. The emergency shower is designed for a minimum flow of 76 l/min at 2.4 bar pressure. The eyewash 3864, has individual spray heads with built-in flow control and filter. The eyewash is designed for a minimum flow of 28 l/min at 2.4 bar pressure.

The unit is mobile with a fork-lift truck. This product is manufactured in accordance to ANSI Norm Z358.1-2004 and SS-EN 15154-1 & 2:2006.

  • Dimensions & Weight
  • Width: 1175 mm
    Height: 2700 mm
    Depth: 1300 mm
  • Specification
  • Insulated booth with safety station
    Flow rate eyewash: ca 28 l / min
    Flow rate body: ca 76 l / min
    Water supply: 3/4” female
  • Other
  • A luminous emergency sign is enclosed with each eyewash.

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Installation steps

1. Correct location of a safety shower

2. Amount of water in a safety shower

3. Tempered water

4. Safety at pressure fall in the water supply

5. Reduced pressure

6. Adapt material in the shower to the right environment

7. Valve