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Emergency showers and eyewashes

Emergency showers and eye washes are vital in the processing industry, chemical and food industry as well as refineries. We offer
eye and face washes, eyebaths, emergency showers, safety stations, tank showers, freeze-resistant showers and decontamination showers.

Our main objective is to save lives

Corrosive acids, dangerous liquids and materials can cause serious injuries. If an accident occurs, flushing must start immediately after the victim has been exposed to dangerous liquid or material. Delayed “first aid” treatment can result in severe injuries.

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 We are certified with ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001:2004

All our products comply with ANSI Norm Z 358.1-latest edition and EN 15154-1, 2, 3 and 4:latest editions.

We are certified and qualified by Achilles Joint Qualification System as a supplier to the Oil and Gas Industry.

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